Is God calling you to write your testimony?

Do you have a signature message that others need to read? 

Kill the lie that no one wants to read what you write. It's time to affect lives with your printed words. 

Do you have pages written and don't know what to do next?

Your answer is my 60-Day Aspiring Authors Transformation.  


Become Your Own Archaeological Scribe

  • Phase 1: EXCAVATE to dig out your story

  • Phase 2: EXPLORE and examine to find the value of each piece

  • Phase 3: EDITS to clean up and polish each piece for your readers

Click on the video to hear Gina's powerful testimony. Here she and Nina are each holding their first books!


Gina is in her 50's and Nina is almost 80. Nina says, "It's Never Too Late to Get Started! Dr. Diane was the best coach! She was patient, yet she knew when to light a fire under me!" Sign up today!

Do you want to achieve the success my students have achieved? Take action now! Choose the option below that fits you best! Your readers are waiting on you!

60-Day Aspiring Authors Transformation



  • You will receive:
  • Clarity to have the right focus
  • Personal Coaching with Dr. Diane
  • Community of new authors
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60-Day Aspiring Authors Transformation

2x $999


  • You will receive:
  • Clarity to have the right focus
  • Personal Coaching with Dr. Diane
  •  Community of new authors
Dr. Diane I'M IN! Let's get started!

Diane Gardner


Coach, Trainer & Speaker

Diane Gardner is a recognized and highly respected Author  of several books and E-books, Coach, Trainer, and Speaker with a reputation for helping individuals and organizations create quick and sustainable results.

Dr. Gardner is known for her prophetic insights, grace, candor and joy. She is an expert on the work of the Holy Spiit and on training you to flow with the grace of God



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