This is Our Kairos Set Time. Let's Do What's Been in Our Hearts!

Uncategorized Mar 08, 2020

I'm Dr. Diane Gardner, I am a presumption expert. I have presumed (or assumed) on God about a million times. I wrote a book about the dangers of presumption.

Psalm 19:13 calls presumption the great transgression. It is when we presume God is telling us to do something and His what, when, where, who and how is different than what we think.

It is time to get clarity and come out of presumption now.

In the past, we have presumed it was time to produce what was in our hearts. Over the years we have had some false starts and afterward discovered we were still in the preparation stage.

But now this is it! It really is time to produce that vision! Write that book, invent that product, become that life coach, develop that curriculum, create that television program, retire from your job and become that entrepreneur, become that missionary! 

Give God your YES! He is doing miracles to position us to proper alignment. It is our Kairos moment. Kairos is one of the Greek words for time. It means the right, critical and opportune moment. The proper time. God's appointed time.

When all our training, experiences, and maturity collide with God's timing it is referred to as Convergence. Everything converges to bring forth what has never been yet. Something new. New is scary and exciting!

The picture I have on this blog as you can tell we are in front of a green screen in a  television studio. My friends are both over 6' tall and I am normal at 5'4". 

This was taken after I interviewed Dr. Madeline Mims a Chaplain and Olympian. My Olympic hopeful Mia Rycraw assisted us. My program is called The Joy Seat.

The Lord first spoke to me that I would one day have my own television program in 1984. After some false starts and giving up many times it is here! Kairos time!

Believe me, I know who truly wants God's will for their lives and not their own will is starting something new, changing jobs, creating something they have dreamed of for years, writing their book, etc,.

Let's Do This! It is your divinely appointed time! Your convergence. Wohoo!


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